Resident Documents, including Architectural Guidelines for Secord Heights West Secord

West Edmonton Location

Secord Heights & West Secord are two new home communities located in the Secord neighbourhood of West Edmonton.

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  • 3 large constructed ponds with walking trails
  • Preserved 4.4 hectare wetland and 3.0 hectare treestand
  • 3 neighbourhood playgrounds

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Secord Heights Lot Map West Secord Lot Map

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Parks & PlaygroundsSecord Truly is a Family Friendly Location

The David Thomas King playground is located in the southwest portion of the community beside David Thomas King School. It includes a zipline and large clubhouse structure, a bike track, and lots of places to swing and climb.

Secord Pond Playground is located beside the pond with benches, a basketball court, climbing structures, and a great view of the pond.

Secord Playground (Northeast) is located at Secord Blvd & 217 St, next to the Secord Wetland and includes swings, slides, and seating.

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TransportationETS & Transit

West Secord and Secord Heights are home to the brand new Route 919. This replaces the previous Route 315 and offers more direct bussing, more often. A full loop of Secord is included in Route 919, which then leaves the neighbourhood and connects directly to the Lewis Farms Transit Centre.

Full details on route frequency and a bus stop map can be found in the Route 919 information PDF on the City of Edmonton website.

Route 919 Info PDF

Commute TimesTypical Driving Distances for Residents

Enjoyable Spots Close ByMore Fun Near Secord

Nearby parks and playgrounds close to Secord and surrounding area:

Golf, Skating, Swimming, and MoreThere’s something for everyone in Secord

Swimming & Leisure Centres

Golf Courses

Skating & Skiing

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